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INVITATION AND CALL FOR PARTICIPATION - The success of democracy is often considered to be the world's most significant achievement in post Second World War period. By and large free, fair and timely elections have been held. Press and Media have enjoyed autonomy and courts have given verdicts on constitutional grounds even against high and mighty in government offices. However, though democratic models of law and governance appear triumphant, the hard reality is that our democratic society also suffers from disorder, apathy and inffectiveness. The structures of governemnt and justice appear ineffectual in response to the the troubles afflicting our society. In order to save humanity and our lovely planet from the lurking dangers, the need of the hour is to find the right road that takes us to a peaceful and homogenous society. In order to achieve the goal, all the right thinking people should come together to find ways to meet the challenges being faced in the domain of law, governance and democracy today.

The Conference is a step forward in that direction by bringing together outstanding people to ponder over the issues and recommend certain measures to cure the maladies.

This Conference is intended for an audience as diverse as its speakers, students, faculty and all those concerned with the state of affairs in contemporary world will find its events of interest. There will be ample opportunity for interaction among all those attending the conference. However, we hope that these and various other issues and questions confronting us may perhaps get addressed through this Seminar and the results may guide us in rectifying the errors and help future policy formulation and implementation to make our Earth a better and safe place to live.

Major Themes  :
 Theories, Concepts and Historical Perspective of Law, Governance and Democracy
 Global and Regional dimension: Radical resistance, Terror, Separatism and Sub-Naional Movements
 Indian Perspective
 Gender, Governance and Democracy
  Contemporary Issues and Challenges to Liberal Democracy and Governance
 Democracy in plural societies
 Role of State, Civil Society and Media
 Environmental Law and Governance
 Gandhi's approach to Law, Governance and Democracy

Important ( last ) Dates :
Submission of Abstracts and Registration Form 14th February 2017
Acceptance of Notification 21st February 2017
Sending of Registration Charges 28th February 2017
Submission of Full Length Paper

28th February 2017

Booking of Accommodation 28th February 2017
Notice : Last date for Abstract submission extended till 21st February 2017
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